Friday, February 10, 2006

RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman admits that Bush & the GOP Can't Protect America Without Destroying the Constitution

First Bush, now Mehlman:

The Republican party can't protect Americans and fight terrorism without eliminating our rights as guaranteed in the Constitution. They are admitting that they can't do it; NOT that it can't be done!

During the 2004 election campaign, Bush made endless promises that only he could be trusted with our security. Bush assured Americans that he would fully fund whatever was necessary to prevent another September 11th. But when it came to actually doing it, Bush gave Americans' tax dollars to his corporate cronies for everything BUT homeland security.

The Department of Homeland Security was shortchanged, government agencies such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other first responder programs around the country were gutted. The holes in the nation's security that were identified (open borders, INS failures, harbor and port security, cargo inspections, nuclear plants, hydro-electric dams, energy plants, food distribution centers, water supply reservoirs, bridges, mass public transit, etc.) all remain in their same vulnerable pre-9/11 condition. Instead, Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress created a massive intelligence bureaucracy which, had it been in place prior to September 11th, wouldn't have prevented any attacks on our nation.

September 11th could have been prevented any number of ways, each requiring only that those responsible for doing their job do their job.

Bush and the Republican party have spent the American people's money on everything BUT securing America from terrorist attacks.

And now that we are deeply in debt for generations to come, Bush and Republicans say that the only way that they can protect Americans from terrorist attacks is to disregard the Constitution, remove any or all of our rights, and live under the presumption that we are guilty until or unless we can prove ourselves innocent.

Once our Constitutionally-guaranteed rights are gone, so is the democracy.

This is a knock-it-out-of-the-park issue for Democrats to run on in 2006, yet they are running from it.

The '06 election is one of many "lasts" that humankind is facing, including the last of the Democratic party if we don't get it together, and fast.

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