Thursday, June 01, 2006

"Tell the truth now, Bill.... did her, didn't you?"

We'd better get used to it.

If Hillary Clinton runs for President in '08, this is what it's going to be like.

Unless she divorces him.

Canadian Politician Belinda Stronach, Bill Clinton's alleged inamorata

The media is perverse enough (and corporately corrupt enough) to hold off reporting on Bill Clinton's folies a deux until AFTER a Hillary win of the White House. Then they would bury the country in non-stop coverage of Bill's sex life, again, when they wanted to divert the people's attention. Or if Hillary ever considered signing populist legislation.

Sulzberger and the NYT did us a favor last week with their front page, above-the-fold story/non-story of the Clinton's marriage and lifestyle. We can complain, we can say that it's not relevant, but the fact is that the media will fill their on-air time and column inches with it just the same. Even if nobody bought their newspapers or watched their TV programs, they'd still make big profits.

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