Friday, December 01, 2006

Why Bush Stubbornly Resists Calling It "Civil War"

Why does Bush insist that what's going on in Iraq is 'sectarian violence' and not 'civil war'?

Because if it's civil war, it's Americans fighting Iraqis and not Americans fighting Al Qaeda, and the Bush-Cheney house of cards (the rationale for why we're there and how Bush-Cheney are conducting their war on terror) collapses.

Al Qaeda wasn't in Iraq until we attacked and invaded Iraq, and even then just barely Almost all of the "insurgents" fighting Americans since the war began have been Iraqis - estimates put the numbers of "foreign insurgents" at 4%-10%, increasing slightly the longer that we're there. That's from our own military's estimates, the "boots on the ground." Those foreigners that are in Iraq are not necessarily Al Qaeda, but rather Muslims angry at U.S. actions in the region and our occupation of Iraq. Iraqis are said to want them out of their country, "once the Americans are gone." Given the choice of us, their liberators, or 'terrorists,' Iraqis would prefer those bad boy evil-doers.

According to the U.S. State Department's own recent survey in Iraq, 91% of Sunnis in Iraq want us to leave, and 74% of Shiites want us out. And more than 3/5 of Iraqis say they back attacks on U.S. troops. Or as Karl Rove would put it, "U.S. troops are fair game."

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