Thursday, July 06, 2006

Connecticut's "Boom Box Parade" and *The Kiss* Float

It's all that any of the cable news programs are talking about, yet none of them are showing any "art." No videotape, no still photo, just a description.

I searched MSM print publications all over the web, online newspapers throughout the U.S. and Connecticut, and couldn't find any photographs of this alleged float there either. They, too, are all reporting about "mixed reception for Lieberman," and anti-Lieberman floats, but nobody published photographs of any these floats. It took citizens, uploading their own photographs and videotapes of the parade and the float to Flickr and YouTube, to fill the gap left by our absent fourth estate.....which is necessary for a vibrant democracy.

*The Kiss* float at the Boom Box Parade:

I have but one criticism: It's a "boom box parade" . . . . Forget the honking horns, and play [click here] ... some [click here] ... music [click here].

The float in the parade and an interview with the artist who created the float:

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