Monday, March 05, 2007

Proving Ann Coulter Wrong

It's remarkably easy, but irritating. Because nobody should have to waste their time doing it. And if anyone has to do it more than once, you have to ask yourself why Coulter, a known fabricator, is given air time to lie and confuse people.

Knowing Coulter's casual relationship with facts and truth, could there be any other reason for Republicans and Corporate Media to keep putting her (and Limbaugh and Drudge and Hannity) on the air and in print if not to keep us on the left occupied, correcting the record?

When it comes to appointing minorities (women, blacks, hispanics, asians of either gender) to government posts, Democrats have been responsible for the "mosts" and most of the "firsts" - But specifically with regard to black people in general, and black women specifically:
Patricia Roberts Harris, appointed Ambassador to Luxembourg (first black woman to serve as ambassador) by Lyndon B. Johnson; appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare, and Secretary of Health and Human Services by Jimmy Carter.

Robert C. Weaver, appointed Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (first black ever to serve in a Presidential cabinet) by Lyndon B. Johnson.

Thurgood Marshall, appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court (first black ever to serve on the USSC) by Lyndon B. Johnson.

Rodney Slater, appointed Secretary of Transportation by Bill Clinton.

Ron Brown, appointed Secretary of Commerce by Bill Clinton.

Hazel O'Leary, appointed Secretary of Energy (first woman, first black, to hold the post) by Bill Clinton.

Jesse Brown, appointed Secretary of Veterans Affairs by Bill Clinton.

Mike Espy, appointed Secretary of Agriculture by Bill Clinton.

Lee Brown, appointed Drug Policy Coordinator and elevated to a cabinet post by Bill Clinton.

Togo D. West, Jr., appointed first as Secretary of the Army by Bill Clinton and then Secretary of Veterans Affairs by Bill Clinton.

With the exception of two 'tokens' in the current Bush administration (Powell and Rice, one moderate and one neocon who are used by Bush as window-dressing and whose counsel was and is ignored in matters of policy) and Bush41's appointment of Clarence Thomas and elevation of Colin Powell to chair the Joint Chiefs, Republican administrations are remarkably absent of 'color.'

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