Friday, March 17, 2006

Globalization & the Media

This film explores how the media is involved in shaping public opinion during the "War on Terrorism" and Globalization

Globalization and the Media:
A documentary exploring how the mass media shape public opinion on the "War on Terror" and economic Globalization. Offers a wide range of viewpoints from broadcasters, journalists, alternative media activists, and news editors. We investigate the bias of Television news during the protest blockades of the IMF and the G8 summits.

Includes a shocking report on state suppression of alternative media in Europe. Discover how new technology, such as the internet and camcorders, is challenging the role of the traditional news gatherer.

Director, Paul O' Connor:
"The various United States administrations has spent the last 50 years constructing the present New World Order. Aided by its powerful military resources, alongside the IMF, World Bank and the World Trade Organisation, the rules of global trade have been largely imposed to serve its own interests. This documentary explores the role of the media in this corporate led take over of the Planets natural resources."

Interviews and Contributions from:
Chris Cramer, President CNN International news
George Monbiot, Investigative reporter
Katharine Ainger, Editor New Internationalist
Mark Covell,
Rick Rowley, Big Noise Films (USA)
Sonali Fernadez, Media Workers against the War
Jesse Jackson, Black Civil Rights Activist
Danny Schecter, Director,
Emmanuel Goldstein, Editor of 2600 The Hackers Quarterly
Amy Goodman, Producer Democracy Now!

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