Monday, March 06, 2006

Huckabee & Harris are out to "Reclaim America for Christ!"

The fundamentalist Christians are hard at work already on this November's election, with a grassroots training conference this month featuring Katherine Harris and Arkansas Governor (and Presidential hopeful) Mike Huckabee.

The Coral Ridge Ministries ("Glorifying God, Proclaiming Truth, Reclaiming America), run by Dr. D. James Kennedy, is behind this latest assault on the country:

"We live in a time when America absolutely cannot decide whether Scouting or sodomy is evil. But there are even more reasons to be diligent about reclaiming America for Christ. Find out what they are, on Truths That Transform, with Dr. D. James Kennedy."

As Huckabee makes his "Road to the White House" tour in the coming months, the media should be pressing him on his connections and promises to the fundamentalist Christian rightwingers as they never did with George W. Bush.

This time I demand to know about Republican candidates' ties to the Christian Coalition and their beliefs about "end times" and "the rapture."

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