Monday, March 13, 2006

Our Soldiers Want To Come Home AND They Think They're in Iraq Because Saddam Was Behind 9/11

Do you remember that poll a few weeks back, in which 72% of our military in Iraq said that Bush should bring them home within the year?

Well, it seems that the media neglected to report the most troubling part of that poll:
The poll asked the troops to agree or disagree on a number of reasons the United States is in Iraq. Some 85 percent listed "to retaliate for Saddam's role in the 9/11 attacks" as the main reason or a major reason.

Let's see...

Bush has admitted that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11/01. The 9/11 Commission has stated that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the attacks. Our soldiers have to be getting the idea somewhere. From their recruiter? During basic training?

Do you think the officers would respond the same way?

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