Sunday, April 30, 2006

Karl Rove's Focus This Week: "Who Booked Saturday Night's Train Wreck?"

Want to bet that is going to be Karl Rove's top priority:

Finding out whose idea it was to book Steve Bridges (the Bush impersonator), who wrote the script for the Bush act . . . .

. . . . and who at the White House Correspondents' Association decided to book Stephen Colbert? It's not as if his act should have surprised any at the dinner . . . . and yet apparently it did.

Is it possible that the White House press corps has gotten so fat, lazy and spoiled, rubbing elbows with (socializing with, marrying) the very people that they are supposed to be critically reporting on (Andrea Mitchell & Alan Greenspan, Dan Senor & Campbell Brown, Jim VandeHei & Autumn Hannah, Matt Cooper & Mandy Grendwald, Judith Miller & Bush administration flavor-of-the-week, etc., etc., etc.) that they are now outsourcing their work to industry outsiders?:

I'd certainly like to know who booked Colbert.

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