Monday, January 22, 2007

Do You Think You're Free?

"She stood up on a table. She's a free woman. Maybe you can live with it -- maybe you can't."
~ Reubin Warshowski, labor union organizer, 'Norma Rae'

Until you stand up, you're not free.

On January 27, 2007, take a stand. Send a message to Washington to End the War Now:

It's not to convince Bush and Cheney.

It's to convince these people:

And they will convince Bush and Cheney.

Until members of the House and Senate see us willing to do again in November '08 what we did in November '06, it will be one non-binding resolution after another, with thousands more Americans and Iraqis dead and limbless.

We will also be no safer from terrorist attacks, farther away from energy alternatives and energy independence, closer to economic and environmental ruin due to the $8 billion a month this war is costing us (plus the costs of the impact of global warming made worse by our continued reliance on oil to fuel our way of life).

Can't make it to Washington this weekend? Find a protest site near you.

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