Monday, January 22, 2007

Republican Senator John Warner to Introduce a Resolution Criticizing Bush for Increasing Troops in Iraq

CNN reports:
Sen. John Warner, the former Republican chairman and influential member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is set to introduce a second resolution Monday that expresses criticism of President Bush's call for a troop increase in Iraq, a move Bush Administration officials have scrambled to avoid.

The resolution -- also sponsored by Armed Services Committee members Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Ben Nelson, D-Nebraska -- tones down some of the language used in a resolution introduced earlier by Sens. Carl Levin, D-Michigan, Joe Biden, D-Delaware, and Chuck Hagel, R-Nebraska, sources involved with crafting the resolution tell CNN.

Neither of the resolutions, by Warner or the Levin-Biden-Hagel resolution, are binding.

How about expressing condemnation of President Bush's call for a troop increase, Senator Warner?

Between now and January 20, 2009, every two weeks another Republican senator will introduce legislation stating, “What he said” and “Me, too” and “We really mean it”, to be followed by “really.”

Which brings us to this little item in today's Virginian-Pilot:
"Democrats set sights on Warner's Seat" - Virginia Sen. John Warner is an institution in Washington and across the Old Dominion. Generals, admirals and even the president seek his backing for military strategies and big-ticket weapons systems; Virginians have made him the state's all-time leading vote-getter.

But with the election of two successive Democratic governors and Sen. Jim Webb last year, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee "is laying the groundwork to unseat" Warner in 2008, its membership director, Robin Benatti, wrote in an e-mail to hundreds of party activists.

The mailing did not solicit contributions - yet - but calls Warner's seat "one of the best opportunities to expand" the 51-49 Democratic majority in the Senate.

Warner, who turns 80 next month, was first elected in 1978. He has not announced whether he'll run again but has told reporters and fellow Republicans that he expects to seek a sixth Senate term.

A 50-state strategy is a populist revolution. That's something that the DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, a proud subsidiary of the DLC) is looking to avoid. They want to find a candidate just slightly to the left of John ("I knew Dolly Madison - Dolly Madison was a girlfriend of mine") Warner before the base of the Democratic party can create a groundswell for a real Democrat as the candidate to represent the people of Virginia.

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