Monday, October 29, 2007

Court Decision (Exxon Valdez) Reaction

"We should have a collective invitation for the Exxon personnel to come kick over the rocks on our beaches down there in Cordova and see the continued and devastating effect … instead of making their decisions in a corporate boardroom somewhere in Texas.” - Gov. Sarah Palin

"Ship owners are not liable for punitive damages based upon conduct by the ship-master who disregarded the owner’s rules and policies.” - Exxon Mobil Corp.

"We have had 6,000 victims who have passed away who have never seen any real justice. The spill tore the social fabric out of this community.” - Tim Joyce, Cordova mayor

"I just can’t image the Supreme Court letting Exxon walk away from this thing, but they very well may and what a sad day it will be.” - Roland Maw, executive director of United Cook Inlet Drift Association, a commercial fishing group

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