Thursday, September 07, 2006

CAUTION! - Rubber-Necking Ahead

Before you go any further, brace yourself.

This was in my newspaper this morning.

I hadn't yet had coffee and was thumbing through the front section, looking at the pictures without my reading glasses, while I waited for the coffee to finish dripping. When I came to this picture, I found myself cocking my head to the side, moving the newspaper closer and farther away, trying to make out what it was since I couldn't read the caption. It looked familiar. I was vaguely aware of my mind sorting through images stored in my brain, yet I couldn't figure out what I was actually looking at immediately. [My mind did come through with this about 3 seconds after I realized what it actually was, but better late than never.]

Turn your head to the side and sort of sneak up on this story and photograph out of the corner of your eye:
The six-metre reptile was found too laden to move on a road 200km east of the capital Kuala Lumpur yesterday after swallowing a pregnant ewe - whole.

Firemen had no difficulty capturing the snake, according to a local newspaper.

Hard not to look away, and harder to.

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