Tuesday, September 05, 2006

`Eyecatchers' in Today's News

Top Judge Recommends Calderon Victory be Upheld - Mexico's top electoral court has declared ruling party candidate Felipe Calderon president-elect of Mexico. The court voted unanimously to reject allegations of fraud, and to certify Calderon's narrow victory two months ago.

What part of "COUNT ALL THE LEGAL BALLOTS" don't these conservative clods understand?

We shall see how the Mexican people handle this situation that gives lie to democracies worldwide. One thing that U.S. citizens who have a problem with illegal immigration in America need to understand about what this decision by Mexico's supreme electoral court means here: A Calderon presidency isn't going to create jobs for a poor, unskilled working class at home.

On the Homefront:
U.S. stocks edge higher; Chevron up on oil find - It means nothing for the consumer.

And Points in Between:

Autism study finds father's age a factor; No similar effect seen with mother - Men over 40 are nearly six times as likely to father an autistic child as those under the age of 30, according to a new study that provides support for the role of genetics in the development of the disabling mental disorder. At least two previous small studies have hinted at such a link, said epidemiologist Abraham Reichenberg of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, who led the new study.

Between this story and one that TCA posted in June, 2006, find the question to the answer "Older sperm, trophy wives, and stem cell research."

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