Friday, September 22, 2006

TCA Lets the Cat Out of the Bag on What Rove's `October Surprise' Will Be

Conservative websites claim Rove has been promising GOP insiders an 'October surprise'

Raw Story reports:
According to two conservative websites, White House political strategist Karl Rove has been promising GOP insiders that there will be an "October surprise" before the midterm elections.

"In the past week, Karl Rove has been promising Republican insiders an 'October surprise' to help win the November congressional elections," reports Ronald Kessler for Newsmax.

"President Bush's political strategist is also saying that the final two weeks before the elections will see a blitz of advertising, and the Republican National Committee is deploying an army of volunteers to key locations to help the grass-roots effort and monitor the election," the article continues. "The RNC is offering to fly in volunteers and cover their expenses."

A few weeks ago, another conservative publication, The American Spectator, reported that White House staffers had "been talking up the possibilities of an 'October Surprise' or two leading into the mid-term elections."

"They say the President feels confident he can still play a role in the election, that he intends to campaign hard for Republicans, and that on the policy front, there are a couple of issues that can be used as wedges along the way," according to a column written by "The Prowler."

Excerpts from Newsmax article:

Rove is not saying what the October surprise will be. Asked if he would elaborate and give his thinking about the coming elections, Rove told NewsMax that his take largely parallels what RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman said in a Sept. 5 NewsMax story.

As for the October Surprise, Rove said, "I'd rather let the balance [of plans for the elections] unroll on its own."

I'm sure he would.

Let's see if we can ruin his fun. Could this be what Karl has up his sleeve?:

Could this be why Musharraf has finally come forward, five years after the fact, with this:
Gen Musharraf said the US had threatened to bomb Pakistan "back to the Stone Age" unless it joined the fight against al-Qaeda.

The numbers are so bad for Bush and Republicans that the only thing that will save him from a Democratic Congress is a high value capture/kill.

Osama Bin Laden.

I am betting it all on Bush having put the screws to Musharraf again - "You either go in and get Bin Laden or we're going to turn that entire region into rubble."

That is the only possible incentive for Bush finally dispensing with Osama Bin Laden. It's the denouement to a war that has to end very soon - there's no more money, no more soldiers, and the American people are rapidly losing patience for it.

Bush can't expect positive media treatment much longer. The media had been giving him every advantage in their coverage, but they've have made a dramatic shift in the last few weeks and are finally calling it `a civil war.'

If Democrats take over either House of Congress, now or in 2008, there will be investigations. Bush's best chance to avoid the public calling for and getting behind congressional inquiries (when all of his secrets would be exposed) is to wrap up the war within the next year, put that `pig' through a few spin cycles and a reapplication of lipstick for the 2008 election season.

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