Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Watching the Republican Party Tear Itself Apart From Within . . . .

. . . . But nobody can chew off their own feet better than we, Democrats, can.

I can't help but wonder if this Mark Foley scandal isn't all a Karl Rove set-up, a planned purge, a sacrificial lamb about to blow anyway so Rove tripped the switch a little early. This way, if he's got the inside skinny on an even worse Democratic scandal, he can get the Foley-Hastert story off the front pages in a few days and fill the final weeks leading up to the election with a negative focus on Democrats. It's the only way that I can explain why Rove didn't tell Hastert that it's time he retire. There's still time for Republicans to get out in front of this story and turn around their image before the election. It makes no sense for Republicans to bleed from this scandal into another week.

But like I've said before, Rove can make a person crazy trying to second guess what he's got up his sleeve.

And speaking of politicos who can drive you nuts, lets talk about Howard Dean's plan to build the Democratic party state-by-state. Rumor has it that it's what's behind the great friction between Dean and Rahm Emmanuel. Great idea, Dr. Dean; when are you going to start?

I spent a good amount of time today looking up all of the Republicans involved in the Foley-Page scandal, to see what I could do to give a hand to their Democratic opponents. This would be a great opportunity to raise some money for them, push their campaigns to the front burners in the media, wouldn't you think?

Unfortunately, serious, legitimate Democratic party contenders don't exist for those seats. Only one of them has a working website, but not much else - they're barely listed at ActBlue (online fundraising accounts), or anywhere else.

Of all Democrats, wouldn't you think that Howard Dean would have realized the importance of Democratic candidates having websites, up and running, capable of accepting donations? I would have thought that at the top of the DNC's budget would have been a salaried website designer and webmaster, making sure that every national and state Democratic candidate had a functioning website.

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