Monday, November 06, 2006

Cheney's Election Day Location No Secret

Cheney To Go Hunting On Election Day - Heads To South Dakota For First Hunting Trip Since Shooting Accident

CBS reports that Cheney will be hunting at a private hunting lodge in S. Dakota on Election Day, the first hunting trip since February, when he shot: "his best friend," "a close friend", "an acquaintance", "a guest at the ranch Cheney claims to have 'barely known'," "Harry who?":
Vice President Dick Cheney will spend Election Day on his first hunting trip since he accidentally shot a companion last February while aiming at a covey of quail on a private Texas ranch.

The vice president, after working at the White House on Monday morning, will head to South Dakota to spend several days at a private hunting lodge near Pierre. Lea Anne McBride, his press secretary, said it was an annual hunting outing and said Cheney spent Election Day in 2002 at the same lodge.

He will be accompanied by his daughter, Mary, and his political director, Mel Raines, who will help him keep track of the election returns, McBride said.

Mel Raines, Cheney's Political Director?

The first question is, "Why does the Vice-President have his own Political Director"?

The next question is, "Is this the same Mel Raines who heads (or at least used to) the Altria Group (previously known as Philip Morris, the world's largest tobacco company, now diversified)?"

Yes, it's that Mel Raines, on the "Corporate Affiliate Roster" of the "National Association of Secretaries of State 2006." Interesting list, of corporate officers working with a national association of America's Secretaries of State (the elected administrators of each state's elections).

A private, presumably secluded hunting lodge in 'out of the way' S. Dakota, is as good a place as any to follow election returns on your laptop.

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