Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Connecticut . . . .

. . . . lost.

Liberal bloggers are dancing on the air waves, because for some ridiculous reason they believe that tonight's win in the House (and the still uncertain majority-ship in the Senate) means that Bush and Republicans are behind the 8-ball.

My fellow liberal bloggers just don't get it.

The Democrats that won tonight are CENTRISTS. They are the moderates, "Republican-Lite," Rahm Emmanuel's hand-picked (from the wedgie in his ass) to be as "right-leaning, middle-of-the-road" as possible, without actually driving in the UK. These are not liberals, these are not anti-war Democrats. They owe their asses to the DLC and the Democrats who support the war in Iraq, and want to take advantage of Bush's quest for American Empire. Hillary is chief among them (with Bill standing one foot behind and to her right).

And Joe Lieberman is at the front of the line for Hillary and Bill tuckus-kissing.

Nancy Pelosi's victory speech tonight was a capitulation to the right. It was the waving of a white flag, a broadcasting to the White House and the nation of future Democratic "moderation."

Do you remember the Democrats during the first nine months of the Bush Presidency, before 9/11/01? They couldn't lay themselves out more prostrate before Bush - "Please like us, don't hurt us." True champions of the weakest Americans, Ted Kennedy, sold out the ordinary American by collaborating with Bush on that absolutely wretched pieces of legislation, "No Child Left Behind."

Democrats believed that they had to prove to the voters that they weren't obstructionists. Forget the fact that Democrats had nothing to prove, that it was the Republicans who needed to prove that Bush was the "compassionate conservative" that he campaigned as. And that after stealing the 2000 election for their boy Bush, Bush and Republicans needed to prove to all Americans that they could be the leaders for all of us. But Democratic leaders soaked up Republican spin, and believed that it was their job to bend-over backwards and jump through hoops to please Republicans.

We're about to see that all over again. Another period of proving, with Democrats caving to Bush's demands in order to prove that they're not the difficult ones. Two years of it, because the 2008 campaign kicked off tonight.

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