Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Cruising Around

I'm blogging from the road today. I couldn't take Wolf Blitzer letting one Republican after another (Ken Mehlman was the worst) get away with dismissing the Republicans' election fraud and felony acts, and not challenging the lie that "Democrats are pulling dirty tricks, too."

With AirPort (you can drive just about anywhere and piggyback onto some internet subscriber's connection - pretty cool) I'm not forced to listen to right-wing talk radio monopolizing the AM band on the radio as I drive. The right-wing pretty much has drivers as captive audiences, something that needs to change ASAP when Democrats retake Congress (I'm going to think positively today, for as long as I can).

The only time I listen anymore to what the right-wing radio media has to say anymore is when I'm driving, and even then only before and after Randi Rhodes' show on Air America. As the news consortium has instituted a 'quarantine' on reporting their exit polling, I wanted to listen to folks like Hannity and other Republican stooges on CNN and MSNBC for any hint of what the exit polls were revealing to them.

From Hannity's rant, I'd say that the exit polling was favoring the Democrats. Heavily. Hannity went through a tirade about exit polls, and "how wrong they were" in 2004 when they predicted a win for John Kerry. Same was true, says Hannity, for 2000 and 2002.

Sean, you have to at least try to keep your stories straight.

The exit polls were accurate, but as conservatives said back then, "Exit polls aren't lawful ballots." The exit polls were showing the results of the election if all of the voters' ballots had been counted. But they weren't (counted), because "voters who voted for the Democrats were too stupid to fill out their ballots correctly and lawfully." But then again, from the demeanor of the on-air punditocracy (on CNN and MSNBC), it looks like the Republicans are having a better day than they had expected. So who knows?

James Carville didn't seem too happy, and it didn't look like an act (people with Aspberger's syndrome are pretty much "what you see is what it is"). Perhaps he seemed down because he wasn't looking forward to the long "dry spell" that was waiting for him at home with Mary Matalin after today's election results.

This is not a happy punum.

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