Sunday, November 12, 2006

How's Your Ear for Music?

When you sing, do dogs howl?

Do you have trouble singing in tune or can't tell whether you're singing out of tune?

Those nutty folks at Beth Israel Deaconness and Harvard Medical School have devised an online test for tonedeafness. [They are actually running an on-site test where volunteers can get paid for participation.]
In the online test, you will be presented with 36 pairs of musical phrases, played by a variety of musical instruments. You will be asked to decide if each pair is the same or different. In most cases, the differences are very subtle and require careful listening. Only one note or chord is modified in pitch or rhythm. The duration, volume, and articulation of each note is never changed. There will be a two-second pause separating each phrase, and the next set of phrases will begin to play immediately after you click on the same or different button.

Take the test now.

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