Thursday, August 10, 2006

And the Democrats Go Silent

On a day when Ned Lamont's win over Joe Lieberman should have kicked off the final countdown to the election (after all, the day after Ned Lamont's win had the air waves clogged with stories that Joe Lieberman Fights On in Senate Race and interviews with Joe Lieberman), Karl Rove set off the October-surprise - all terror, all the time. Republicans everywhere are hitting their marks in front of the camera, reciting their talking points without any stumbling, as if they'd been rehearsed for weeks.

And not a peep out of the Democrats.

Correction, Chris Matthews is interviewing former senator and former vice-Presidential candidate (and undeclared candidate for the 2008 Presidential race) John Edwards on Hardball, about what he would do if he won the Presidential election in 2008. And what would be different had he won the vice-Presidency in 2004. My favorite response from this interview was: "The American people would be getting the truth about what's going on in Iraq today, and we'd be bringing home at least 30,000 of our military."

No, John, the correct answer is "We wouldn't have gone to Iraq, because we wouldn't have peddled phony intelligence to the Congress of the U.S."

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