Monday, August 28, 2006

John Mark Karr, Crazy? Like a Fox.

As TCA predicted here, and here, and here, Boulder prosecutors have dropped their case against John Mark Karr:
Defense attorney Seth Temin expressed outrage that Karr was even arrested.

"We're deeply distressed by the fact that they took this man and dragged him here from Bangkok, Thailand, with no forensic evidence confirming the allegations against him and no independent factors leading to a presumption he did anything wrong," Temin said.

I think it's more likely that Karr concocted the confession in order to get a free trip back to the U.S.

Karr confessed to killing Jon Benet Ramsey:
District Attorney Mary Lacy said Karr emerged as a suspect in April after he began exchanging e-mails with a Colorado professor in which he admitted responsibility for the slaying.

According to court papers, Karr told the professor he accidentally killed JonBenet during sex and that he tasted her blood after he injured her vaginally. But officials at the Denver crime lab conducted DNA tests last Friday and failed to connect Karr to the crime.

"This information is critical because … if Mr. Karr's account of his sexual involvement with the victim were accurate, it would have been highly likely that his saliva would have been mixed with the blood in the underwear," Lacy said in court papers.

According to Susan Filan on MSNBC, Boulder prosecutors had obtained a DNA sample from Karr in Thailand, but their lab said that it wasn't a "clean" sample - I think they got it surreptitiously (maybe from his hairbrush). They wanted a mouth swab from Karr, but to do so would have "tipped him off and then he would have been a flight risk."


Karr confessed, but the Boulder authorities claim that they were afraid that he would bolt if he suspected that he was being taken seriously. But what's their excuse once Karr was in the custody of the Thai police, and wasn't any flight risk?

Filan said that then, "Karr refused to give a DNA sample."

Karr didn't fight extradition, either in Thailand or in California. If Karr did refuse to give a sample could it be because he knew that once he did, he would be excluded as a suspect, and he would then remain to rot in a Thai prison?

According to at least there one report, Karr did submit to a mouth-swab DNA test in Thailand.

It would explain why the media did not report Karr's refusal to submit to a DNA test while in Thailand until today. If true, if Karr did refuse to submit to a DNA test, it certainly would have cast some suspicion on Karr's confession and its legitimacy. But if there was physical evidence connecting Karr to JonBenet Ramsey's panties, why then the extended perp walks of Karr in front of paparazzi? That certainly could have waited for his arrival in Colorado.

And why has the media never reported on what the charges were that Karr was being held for in Thailand?

Bush and the Republican party owe the media big time (and the Boulder police and district attorneys) for focusing the public's attention away from their corruption and failures of governing.

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