Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Note to Democrats: Get in There & JUMP Already!

Where the hell are the Democrats?

It's hard to believe that it's just been two weeks since Bush and Blair hijacked the nation's news cycles with an alleged plot by British nationals to explode airplanes over the Atlantic ocean.

Ned Lamont had just decisively beat Joe Lieberman.

It had ignited a groundswell of media coverage, about a wave of populism across America that threatened to throw incumbents, mainly Republican, out of office. But before that had a chance to take hold in Americans' minds, George W. Bush pressured Tony Blair to lower the boom on an alleged group of plotters.

After that sucked all of the air out of a week's worth of news cycles (as well as all coverage of Israel's bombing Lebanon back to the stone age, AND coverage of the civil war in Iraq, all due to Bush's failed foreign policy) and before anyone could say "Ok, where were we?" in America's upcoming election debate, John Mark Karr confessed to Thai police that he'd murdered JonBenet Ramsey ten years earlier.

The media is now covering the Bush administration's rewriting of hurricane Katrina one year ago, Joe Lieberman has pulled ahead of Ned Lamont in the polls, the Bush administration has begun Saddam Hussein's second trial, MSNBC just led their news hour with an interview on "Energy drinks for women - how safe are they?", and a story on the "Recall of body parts."

Bush is busy giving away the shop, trying to get Russia on board for an attack on Iran once the deadline for Iran to give up its' lawful right to explore its nuclear anmbitions (yes, it's lawful) passes in a few days. Once the attack of Iran begins, it'll be too late to discuss it because "Anybody who doesn't line up behind the President when U.S. troops have been sent into harm's way is a dirty, rotten, unpatriotic traitor!"

I've seen this show before. Several times.

Democrats have lost what was a double-digit lead over Republicans just a few weeks ago: "Republicans Close Gap on Democrats in Congressional Races."

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