Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lamont's First Interviews Right Out of the Gate from a Triumphant Win, Dragged Down by Dems Failure to Denounce Lieberman

We have much more immediate and pressing problems at the moment than the Republican party: The Republicans in our own party, controlling our party. The DLC.

The DLC will be funding a shadow campaign for Lieberman, hedging their bets, and working against us, the liberal base. Their war is against us, not against Republicans.

Every last Democratic politician, including Bill Clinton, has to get on board, publicly deliver uneqivocal messages to Lieberman that he has to leave the race now. Netroots groups are calling for individual Democrats in Congress to release public statements of support for Lamont. Public declarations of support for Lamont isn't enough. If Lieberman doesn't leave the race, and leave now, then he has to be frozen out (of committees, plush office space, money, etc.) immediately.

Democratic pundits and spokesmen have already hit the air waves giving Lieberman cover, stalling for time. "In the next few weeks, if Joe sees the contributions aren't coming in, he'll quit the campaign in September." Why is anybody even waiting to see if Lieberman manages to get financial contributions? Of course he will get them - if not from Democrats then from Republicans who are only too thrilled to sow dissent and confusion within the Democratic party. Why is there any delay at all in pressuring Lieberman? Delays benefit all parties except the democratic people. Delays particularly aid the DLC's efforts in marginalizing the liberal base and ultimately forcing us out.

I'm listening to Ned Lamont on Hardball right now. This Lieberman issue has to get decided before he gives any more interviews. Right out of the gate, on a decisive win, he's handicapped by Lieberman and all Democrats who say "Look, Joe is going to do what Joe is going to do." Talk about Democrats looking spineless!

If Lamont doesn't demand Democratic unity, and for all Democrats to denounce Lieberman's campaign and pressure Lieberman out, the Lamont campaign is doomed, as is the left wing in the Democratic party.

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cheshire_rose said...

You are right on.

Why the Republicans Are Loving the Lieberman Loss

At a time when the GOP should be back on its heels, Connecticut voters’ rejection of a centrist Senator gives the party a potentially powerful new weapon to use against the Democrats this fall

One of the nip-and-tuck Senate races this year is in Missouri, and backers of Sen. Jim Talent are preparing an attack on his opponent, State Auditor Claire McCaskill, that is emblematic of the sort that will be seen all over the country within 24 hours. “Does Claire McCaskill support the wishes of the angry left by endorsing Ned Lamont’s candidacy or will she support the man who was chosen by Al Gore as the Democrat’s 2000 nominee for Vice President?” Republicans ask in a statment that will force McCaskill to talk about messy party business instead of her favored issues of government accountablity and affordable health care.


See? it’s EASY!

Don’t bother with issues! Attack!