Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Afghan Bug

AFGHANISTAN - a world rarely seen by Westerners
Leaving the chaotic confines of Kabul, "Vacationing in Afghanistan" enters a world rarely seen by Westerners. Crossing Afghanistan's mountainous region to the enormous Buddha statues left in ruins by the Taliban, the focus of this film is not the wild and stunning landscape which it is set in, but the simple interaction between two very different cultures, and the common bonds found by the characters on this journey. The war on terror, poverty, and the heroin trade splash Afghanistan across news headlines making it famous across the globe, however this film doesn't attempt to address the complex geopolitical maze and problems facing Afghanistan, it merely enjoys the spontaneous encounters with its people. It is the endearing humor of the Afghans which this film celebrates.

A 9-minute feature by Full Monte Productions. Vacation in Afghanistan.

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