Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ray McGovern & Cindy Sheehan are going to Rumsfeld's house...

...and you're all invited to come along.

Sign the Petition Opposing Attack on Iran, which will be delivered to the White House between 1 and 3 p.m. ET on May 18,2006, after which Ray McGovern and Cindy Sheehan will lead a march to Donald Rumsfeld's house.

From Ben Frank:
World Can’t Wait just announced their next major protest- October. Anyone else think that’s a little funny?

Last year the Downing Street Memo came out on May 1st, soon after UFPJ announced the big rally for Sept 24th. Why do they always skip over the summer months? Because that’s when the weather is nice, and people might actually have the time to camp and stay.

The crooks in power don’t care if we schedule another weekend protest- the one thing they don’t want is an extended protest like the Ukranians had. Several weeks of peaceful demonstration led to their President stepping down. That’s what we need.

We sure as hell don’t need this pathetic Congress to investigate anything else- at this point asking for another committee is just plain insanity.

Let’s think about this- do George Bush and Dick Cheney and the complicit fools in Congress want 500,000 Americans camping out on their front porch? No. So why are we appeasing them? They don’t want us camping on the Capitol mall- so we should do just that.

Thursday May, 18th Cindy Sheehan and Ray McGovern (mp3) are meeting at Lafayette park near the White House, then Marching to Rumsfeld’s personal residence. Wouldn’t it be great if someone brought a video cameda, and it’s thousands of people standing outside Rummy’s house, singing along to #3 from Neil Young’s new album, “Don’t Need- No More Lies!” In fact that ought to be on repeat over at the big protest camp going up on the DC Capitol Mall- with the speakers turned to Congress and cranked to 11.

March on the Capitol,
Stay Until the Nightmare is Over.

The DC Capitol Mall was created as a place for citizens to gather and protest their grievances to the government- that is it’s purpose.

Isn’t it time to use that space for an extended protest?

If not now when?

Spread the word about this event.

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