Thursday, May 11, 2006

Jonathan Turley on Civil Rights and Life in America After Bush....

...When a President doesn't respect the Constitution, the rule of law, and surrounds himself with convicted criminals, when a President believes he has the inherent authority to violate law, as this President has stated and done, how are citizens to ever get back their country and their rights?

KEN OLBERMANN: All of this has been likened to the swing of a pendulum. That this is Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, harkening back to their days as rookies in the Ford administration, watching the fallout of Presidential powers being cut back after the abuses of Richard Nixon. If that's true, if it's a pendulum, does the pendulum swing back? Can it? Will it?

JONATHAN TURLEY: Unfortunately, civil liberties don't swing back like other issues. Civil liberties is a very precious commodity. When you lose them, it tends to run out of your hand like sand. and it's hard to get it back. That's one of the dangers here. Presidents, when they acquire power, rarely return it to the people. And so we have to be very concerned. This country is changing in a very significant way.

[*Jonathan Turley on General Michael Hayden as Bush's nominee to head the CIA and Hayden's wasting $2 billion on the Trailblazer program.]

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